The biggest system sellers for Sega Razor

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The biggest system sellers for Sega Razor

Postby Gaming from beyond » Thu May 05, 2016 9:07 pm

Hello again everyone this will probably be my last topic for awhile since I'm the only one posting them here. So anyway I will put some of my ideas that could be a big system seller to the upcoming Operation Razor.

1. The Razor being the first game console to support 2k native gaming and graphics: Nowadays gaming consoles are known have weaker specs than average gaming pcs(true story). But if the razor supports 2k gaming performance and graphics not only would it be the very first console to be 2k but it will put Sega ahead of the competition and razor will be on par if not as powerful as most top tier gaming pcs.

2. Port newest dreamcast games onto the razor store: Since the discontinuation of the great dreamcast many game developers still creates new games on the console and till this day after all the years dreamcast is still one of the most non forgotten and the most beloved gaming consoles of all time. So if Sega creates an app that can port all of the newest dreamcast titles to the razor dreamcast fans will get the chance to play new games that they have never got the chance to play. which should lead the console to sell just as good as the dreamcast should have sold.

3. Sega Workshop: Sega workshop is a feature app mainly for pc gamers, this app is where gamers can MOD there old and new 1st and 3rd party Sega titles and 3rd party company titles, and razor keyboard, mouse, or regular pc keyboards and mouse will be of option to add onto the razor as controllers like what the original dreamcast once had. The difference between Sega razor and pc mod is razor should be easier to use and better OS than the pc. Now in order for gamers to mod there games they must have an online pc ID, password, and security to continue to do as they please with the games they buy. As for console gamers who are interested in buying the razor they also have the option to play pc gamers mod version of the games. Also with this app razor would be the first console to allow mod options.

4. Sega razor keyboard and mouse: Like the original dreamcast, Razor has its own keyboard and mouse adapters but whats new about them is that they can be used for pc gamers to mod their games on the console, can be used for its internet browser much more useful, faster, and better than the other internet connections on other consoles, and it has an upload button that allows players to share their games online with others kinda like the ps4 but the function can be activated with the controller, mouse, and the keyboard and its much easier to create and upload the video online.

5. No need for dlcs: in todays gaming age gamers buy dlcs for their games but only to be disappointed by the ones they had bought. now with the razor' s modding option gamers would not need dlc. And for story add ons are now relying on game software updates that way gamers will no longer waste hard earn money.

6. Sonic Plaza and chao universe: if you haven't already seen my other idea topics regarding these 2 you can go look onto them that way I won't have to repeat myself on what do they offer. Anyway with these 2 sonic fans will love going online to hang out with each other, become chao parents, and they can visit online anytime they want.

7. Acroarts: I know I already put this idea down already in my first topic as well, but if Sega use the mysterious acroarts for the Sega razor's 3rd party developers will have an easier and much cheaper time to develop and pirate their games than other consoles.
(use google translate)

8. Ecco the dolphin defender of the future remastered: Ecco the dolphin DOF is one of the most beautiful and the best games that shows dreamcast's graphical performance, if sega wants games that will wow the gamers this game needs to be remade for the razor.

9. Sonic Adventure 3: obvious reasons

10. Jet set radio 3 menace to society: Now this game is perfect for modern and classic casual gamers. Fans have been asking for a new jet set radio in forever and razor is the perfect system to play an arcade game like this.

11. Silent hill 9: After the disappointments of the cancellation of silent hills konami could create a new silent hill game to cheer up horror fans. it can also be multiplatform for all anyone cares.

12. Alien isolation 2: Sega could make the sequel to alien isolation into a 1st party title. The original AI has received positive reviews but the game along with the rest of sega's 3rd party software games did not sell at all. but with razor the game can help itself and the console sell like hot cakes.

13. Ristar 3d: ristar hasen't had a game since the sega genesis, I personally think it would be a good idea to bring ristar back into the gaming industry in a 3d platforming adventure sequel.

14. Sega mobile zone: Mobile gamers can play sega mobile games such as sonic jump, sonic runners, sonic dash xtreme, japenese sega titles, etc. at 1080p game console graphics.

15. Vectorman 3: Another sega classic sequel that needs to happen on sega razor.

16. New Border Break Title: if you guys don't know what border dreak is about here is its gameplay:

Border break IMO is perfect for hardcore gamers, sega can also create something newer an unique than its arcade predecessor and if sega plays the cards correctly it can possibly give COD a run for its money.

17.Shenmue 3 definitive edition: Since razor is easier and most likely more powerful than ps4 a better version of the game will convince people to buy the razor for the game.

18. Avatar Construction: Unlike Nintendo, Sony, And Microsoft avatars razor's avatars gives players the options to create their own avatars based off the favaorite sega franchise. like a Sonic the hedgehog character design, Arcade anime character, Jet grind radio character, Nights charater design, etc.

19. Nights into dreams remastered and nights 3: The sega Saturn classic and one of the greatest games of all time remastered on the razor will get a lot of attention from many diehard sega fans and a new one that shows the consoles graphics performance cause a lot of publicity on the console. Nights into dreams remastered should support 1080p native while nights 3 supports 2k that way the 2 of them won't look to similar.

20. Price: One of the most important things for a console is the price. Razor at the start of the original should have a price up to $299 and $320 for whatever edition pack the console could offer.

21. Strong launch titles: 3rd party games are just as important for a console than 1st party. Sega should bring top 3rd party publishers to the razor such as Capcom, EA, Ubisoft, indie support, Activision blizzard, Namco, Bandai, warner bros entertainment, etc. and games at launch should come with sonic adventure 3, Sonic adventure 1-2 remastered edition, chu chu rocket 2, jet set radio 3, powerstone 3, crazy taxi 4, rayman 4, ecco the dolphin DOF remastered, skies of arcadia 2, virtua fighters 6, Sega ralley, typing of the dead 3, Madden series comes aboard, Kingdom hearts 4, Persona 5 definitive edition, Brand new sonic titles, golden axe, resident evil, etc. The dreamcast had great launch titles so its successor should have a better titles.

22. Funny commercials: in this era of gaming there are lack of humorous advertisements for game consoles compared to what it used to have. it could be entertaining if sega stick with there humor commercials like what they had done with their previous systems.

That's all for now and this is IMO. if you have some ideas that will make the console sell and if I have some errors on these ideas please share your thoughts.

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Re: The biggest system sellers for Sega Razor

Postby Stiptrek » Mon Jun 06, 2016 12:57 am

For better console start, it should be some kind of hybrid pc as you mentioned, because R&D for true console is very expensive. Console should be similar to new Xbox one ideas and philosophy, or "cheaper gaming PC with Sega OS"

OS is the most important to make all things you mentioned happen, Steambox couldnt make their own OS so they adapted Gnu-Linux platform but it didnt show results, because of smaller Linux game library and standard PC users that can easier upgrade their system.

Sega OS with all developers tools and support should be very good and functional to attract 3rd party developers to make games, modifying Gnu-Linux platform and adapting to it could make things easier for good start.

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