Wish List Rules

Got an Idea for Razor? Like a Game, Networking service, Feature, Accessory you would like to discuss or propose to us at Operation Razor to bring to SEGA? This forum is for sharing your ideas,suggestions,business strategies, social network promotion and outreach, Indie game developers, Game developers, 3rd party publishers New Game IPs. Old IPs, marketing strategies for Operation Razor to research and present to SEGA.
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Wish List Rules

Postby Serra Royale » Sun Apr 17, 2016 12:03 pm

1. This is for suggestions,ideas,proposals e.t.c. for Sega Razor. Discuss those here please.

2. No Flaming.

3. No Spam(Of Course).

4. NO PORT BEGGING to Non Sega platforms(Go do that on Siliconera or Neo Gaf)

5. No Trolling or Personal Attacks.

6. Please Remain Civil and please don't go Off Topic

7. NO ANTI SEGA HYPERBOLE.(This is a DEATH SENTENCE on Sega United. If you are caught bashing Sega's games,consoles while praising Sony or suggesting Nintendo should buy Sega, you will be IMMEDIATELY and INSTANTLY BANNED without warning.).

8. No Gif Boming.

9. No Topic Derailing.

10. No Pro Sony Bias.

11. Remember to be respectful and towards others. Speculate,Suggest,Theorize in a mature and sensible manner.

Violating Rules 2,4,6,8,9 will result in a Board Warning(Second offense, I or my Admins, Regular Mods or Super Mods will begin deleting or modifying posts. Third Offense, Temp 
Vacation. Forth Offense: Account Banned permanently, with 1 Grace Handle allowed.

Violating 5, 7,10 are DEATH PENALTIES. If you are caught violating any of these, you will be Banned Indefinitely. Violating Rule #7 is an Instant DEATH SENTENCE, meaning you will be permanently Banned without warning.

Note to Readers: The Rules and Penalty System are created by the site owner. The administrator posting this is posting on behalf of the owner of the website http://www.segaunited.com/ and its forums.
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