Bilingual Outreach Assistant Needed.

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Bilingual Outreach Assistant Needed.

Postby Aletheia Games » Fri Aug 12, 2016 5:41 am

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Hello, I am president and owner of Aletheia Games and we are seeking Bilingual Outreach Assistants for the purpose of Public outreach in foreign countries. Generally these are known countries outside of the United States that have a very large community and market history for SEGA. THIS POSITION IS VOLUNTEER ONLY. You must have a passion for SEGA and Know about Aletheia Games and Operation Razor.

Job Description

Community Assistants are needed, are you ready to take your passion to the next level? We are seeking talented Bilingual Assistants to join the cause and reach out to their local communities and sign them up for our petition and support Aletheia games on Patreon and YouTube.

Job Responsibilities

As a Bilingual Assistant you will be responsible for recruiting all new members for the Op Razor Resistance and You are responsible for all administrative duties and data entry. You will also assist in answering the multiple Questions and concerns of your local community. You will use problem solving skills to support current and future members and perform basic records maintenance such as reporting to Aletheia Games about your ongoing community outreach and success, recording the amount of people you contacted and interested in Operation Razor, and research issues/concerns/questions. You will be responsible for marketing Aletheia Games Operation Razor Petition and for Subscriptions to our Patreon and our YouTube Respectively in the communities and Country in which you live.

Job Requirements

We are looking for self-motivated Assistants who exhibit a strong work ethic and who are willing to go above and beyond in order to fulfill a wide range of support duties. You should also be a highly organized and detail-oriented team player, with the ability to effectively manage multiple tasks. It is also vital that you display excellent verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills along with the ability to interact effectively with the public, both on the Internet/Social Media and in person.

Additional qualifications for the Bilingual Outreach Assistant include:

Ability to speak, read, and write in English at a level appropriate for the job and communicate effectively through written and verbal means
Ability to communicate effectively with staff, and at all levels of the organization
Ability to be accurate, concise, and detail-oriented
Ability to have flexible hours
Adaptability, flexibility and the ability to maintain effectiveness during change
High School Diploma/GED
At least a basic knowledge of Sega's History and Aletheia Games and Operation Razor and our Goal.
Intermediate computer software knowledge as well as Microsoft Office
Bilingual-English/Country of Origin, both written and verbal

Links to Aletheia Games and Operation Razor for Reference:

3. ... YxJqPNkeog
6. Aletheia Games Email Available Upon Successful Hire of Volunteer.

Thank You for Reading and Taking the time to Answer the Ad. We must again very strongly state that this position is strictly on a VOLUNTEER basis. It is to help us and our Operation and outreach to gamers who may not know what we are about or what we are looking to accomplish. Once on board with us you will need to complete a small training period of understanding what Aletheia Games and Operation Razor is looking to accomplish before you are asked to go into the field whether online or in person. For more on what will be asked of you please let us know if you fit the Ad and contact us on our Twitter account or our email address at This address is ONLY for the people who can fit this ad. Thank You.

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