Sega Operation Razor Flyer.(For Promotional Purposes only.)

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Sega Operation Razor Flyer.(For Promotional Purposes only.)

Postby SegaRenaissance » Thu Aug 11, 2016 3:42 am

Notice: This is simply a flyer that will be used for promotion purposes only. It is used only for raising awareness for Alethia Games,LLC's Operation RAZOR NEW Sega console initiative. is owned and operated by G*******Enterprises,LLC and is not an subsidiarity or affiliate of Alethia Games and their Operation Razor campaign. Sega United is rather a Partner and Supporter of Operation Razor as we support ANY type of campaign and initiative for SEGA to put out a new home consumer product.

Below are the list of links to Operation Razor: ... YxJqPNkeog

Note: An official webpage for Sega Razor is in development and will be available soon.
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