HELP Wanted for Sega United.

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HELP Wanted for Sega United.

Postby SegaRenaissance » Thu Aug 11, 2016 3:31 am


Are you a HARDCORE SEGA fan? Are you a PC gamer, Old School Nintendo fan looking to work on a easy-to-use website host for free????

Sega United is looking to recruit some people for Freelancers to help add to, design and update our site.

We are also in the process of being purchased by a parent company in the next several months called G****** Enterprises,LLC which is being organized due to the fact that in addition to expanding and growing Sega United, we plan on starting other chain sites that will be affiliated with Sega United and also plan on eventually launching a string of weekly gaming magazines at Supermarkets and Newsstands.

We have approximately 5 open positions. Since we haven't yet starting operating as a legal entity, we cannot yet pay Co Administrations and Journalist/Editors.

List of Openings:

Co Administrator

Super Moderator Team


Patreon Accountant

Video Editor

Position #1: Co Administrator.

Description: Helping operate and assisting with the design and layout of the main webpage as well as helping concept and assemble the other Chain of websites to come later that will be affiliates of Sega


Must be a pro Hardware SEGA fan.

Must be at least 25 years of age or older.(If you were born at least in 1991-1992, you were 7 when the Dreamcast launched in 1999.)

Must be trustworthy,honest,sincere and forthright.

Must have at least 6-12 months of Web design, and or Website encoding experience.(We use a very easy, drag-and-drop oriented Web host.)

Must have fairly modest knowledge of SEGA's history and current state.

Position #2: Super Moderator Team.

Description: A fun and simple job of daily message board patrol and helping build the community and the 16-bit Army!

Qualifications: Must be pro hardware regarding SEGA.

Must be at least 16 years of age or older.

Must NOT have been part of the Sonic Stadium, or Sega Retro communities or Sega Bits communities.

Must be willing to uphold and enforce all site and community rules.

Must have moderated at least one forum section previously with positive feedback from previous communities.

Position #3: Editor/Journalist.

Description: You'll be able to add self written articles, Retro Game Reviews as well as be able to suggest new sections and have your site suggestions and site ideas vetted and and noted.!about-sega-united/x40hh

Qualifications: Must be a Retro Gamer with an understanding of SEGA consoles.

Must be a Pro Hardware SEGA fan.

Must be someone who at least understands SEGA history and has extensive knowledge of SEGA as brand currently, and previously.

Must be professional,causal,trustworthy and likable.

Must have a friendly attitude and have a passion for all things SEGA and all things Nintendo.

Must NOT be a fanatic of Wii or Iwata or Reggie Fils Aim.

No Game Journalism experience on mainstream game sites required.

Must be at least 28-30 years of age or older with having played and or owned SEGA systems in the 1990s.(If you were born at least before 1990. If you were born after 1990, you must be a Hardcore SEGA fan that supports them as a hardware company).

Must have edited and posted it articles on at least one fan game site previously.

Must have graduated High School with a Diploma and have gotten passing grades on literature,history,economics,Editorials.

Position#4: Patreon Accountant.

Description: All sites need growth. And one important factor is definitely funding. Sega United is in dire need of it. Especially in regards to monetization and Site Advertising. We currently don't have the funds to do any of that. And need assistance financially in allowing growth,awareness and vitality to evolve our movement and eventual company. We are planning on starting a Patreon to help fund advertising and monetization, but rather have someone well versed in using Patreon handle and operate our Patreon section. Once my lawsuit money comes in, I will be able to pay the accountant monthly.

Qualifications: Must be at least 21 years or older.

Must have knowledge and experience in playing SEGA,Nintendo and non Sega and Nintendo retro systems(Excluding PlayStation).

Must have experience in running and operating Patreons,Kickstarters and Crowdfunders.

Must be a pro Hardware SEGA fan.

Must be both professional,honest,trustworthy,well liked,committed and invested in our cause.

Must have some forms of small Accountant Management skills.

Position#5: Video Editor.

Description: As you can see from here:

I am a novice at video editing. Although we have a YouTube Channel, I don't have decent skills to properly edit my videos.

I am looking for someone who knows how to edit videos and can assist me in doing so.

Sega United needs YouTube community recognition in order to grow and in order for our movement to garner attention.

Qualifications: Must be at least 18 years of age or older.

Must be a pro Hardware SEGA fan.

Must have an active YouTube channel with at least 50 subscribers.

Must be professional,honest,sincere and friendly.

Must have modest knowledge on SEGA's history and current brand state.

Must have a Google Plus account.

I solemnly vow, that anyone who is hired as our Video Editor will receive at least 30% of all revenue earned from the Monetization of the Videos on Youtube.

In regarding the 5 open positions, There are 2 openings for Co Admins, 7 openings for Super Moderators, 4 openings for Editor/Journalists, but I am only looking for one Patreon Accountant and one Video Editor.

So you ask, "how do I apply"?Before you do, please make so you register an account here.

1. Simply email me at

2. Select a position.

3. In your email, explain to me in straight to the point terms why you feel you meet these qualifications for the selected position.

4. List to me at least 5 key skills you have to meet the standards of the position.

5. Briefly discuss your online background while providing me your Skype account and Google Plus account.

I will respond to all email inquiries in at least 2 days.

Your first interview will be conducted on Google Hangouts through Text.

If it goes well, your followup will be conducted on a Skype Audio chat.

The process will be at least 2 weeks.

Once recruited, you will have your forum account upgraded to Super Moderator or Co Admin.

Best of luck to all applicants. You can be a part of gaming history!!!!
Sega United's Head Honcho and lifelong SEGA fan determined to help bring SEGA back to the console business.

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Re: HELP Wanted for Sega United.

Postby SegaRenaissance » Sun Dec 25, 2016 6:56 am

Co Admin Freelancer Position will now have pay.

If anyone is interested, email me and look me up on
Sega United's Head Honcho and lifelong SEGA fan determined to help bring SEGA back to the console business.

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