Sonic Fan Works Terms of Service.

Fan works of all kinds are welcome to share and be discussed here

No R/18+ works allowed to be discussed here
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Sonic Fan Works Terms of Service.

Postby SegaRenaissance » Wed Apr 20, 2016 9:29 pm

1. NO "Sanic" allowed, period.(Do not post any Sonic paraphernalia regarding Chris-Chan, Anti Sonic,4Chan, or memes that degrade Sonic.).

2. Fan Art, G to PG-13 will be permitted(in a Sticked Topic only) that prefers to the SatAM or Archie Sonic. NO R Rated ecchi style art or Rule 34 XXX rated material.

3. I have placed my 2 co-Admins Serra Royale and ZealousFox in charge of the Sonic community forums. They will uphold all rules here and have the complete ability and authority to penalize those who violate and defy them. Respect and Obey them please.

4. The "Freedom Resurrection" Project and "Mobius Grid" HUB World are mainly discussed here alongside SatAM and Archie Sonic. ALL Sonic Community Sub Forums on Sega United are SEGREGATED in its specific parent and thus discussions for each canon is restricted only to its respective Forum. This is for Sonic SaTAM and Archie Sonic only. NO Main Series and Sonic Boom discussions allowed here.

5. No Spam.(Of Course).

6. The Sonic site and communities listed here are BLACKLISTED and thus NOT ALLOWED to be used as a source for news,rumors and speculation: TSSZ News, Sonic Stadium and Sonic Retro.

7. NO ANTI SEGA HYPERBOLE.PERIOD.(Violating this rule on Sega United is CAPITAL PUNISHMENT, resulting in a Instant Perma ban.)

8. No Trolling.

9. No Topic Derailing.

10. No Soapboxing.(No Ian Flynn Archie Sonic discussions permitted)

11. Be kind, Be Civil, Be Nice.

12. Please Stay On Topic.

Penalty System.

Violation 1-4,11 First Offense: Topic or Comment deletion by Mod,Admin or Super Moderator. Second Offense: Board Warning. Third Offense: Infraction+7 Day to 14 Day Vacation. Forth Offense: 30 day Vacation.

Fifth and FINAL Offense: Account is BANNED permanently. One Handle is allowed only. If handle is banned, IP is blocked.

Violating 6,12 : Comment or Topic is deleted. If deleted by Admin,Mod,Super Mode at least 3 times, a board warning will be issued. 4 Times: 3-7 Day Temp Ban. 5: 2 Week Ban. 6: 1 Month Ban. 7: Account will banned with one appeal that is filed. Appeal is to be filed with Sock Account by private messaging either a Admin,Super,Mod or Standard Mod. The Mod/Admin will message ME the Head Admin to review Appeal within 2 hours time. The decision I make will be based on your behavior and posting history.

WARNING: Ban Evading by creating a Sock Account or Handle WITHOUT consulting with Admin or Mod or even me The Head Admin will result in an IP BLOCK permanently banning you from the community.

Violating 7 and 8: INSTANT PERMA BAN.

Violating 9: Same Penalties as Rule #6.

Violating 10: 7 chances of Topic or Post edited and deleted by Mod,Super Mod or Admin. After 7 times, Board Warning issued. 8th time: 1 Week Vacation. 9th: Account is banned with one Handle allowed.

The Mobius Grid Community Portal is located here for anyone to enter in and register:

So check it out!!!!
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