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Ultra 64-bit Rules for Nintendo 64 Discussion

Posted: Sun Apr 17, 2016 11:28 am
by Serra Royale
1. This Forum is for Nintendo 64 discussion only. NO PlayStation. 

2. Be Civil, Be kind, Be nice.( Excluding Sony, bash and hate them as much as you like. We at Sega United despise them for what they stand for and what they do. We don't hate PlayStation but we DO hate Sony.)

3. No Spamming of Course.

4. NO Gif Bombing.

5. No Trolling or Personal Attacks.

6. No Topic Derailing.

7. NO ANTI SEGA Hyperbole.(Again, Death Penalty.)

8. Please Stay On Topic.

9. Try to avoid Soapboxing. Here at Sega United, we will stop ANY form of bias and out of balance fanboyism.

10. To Sony fans, if you are a fanboy, go somewhere else. This community is not for you. You can get salty as long as you'd like, but these are our policies and there's plenty of community that are 100% biased towards Sony(*Cough Neo Gaf *Cough) We allow open bashing of Sony here from Nintendo and SEGA fans. It's time someone called them out.

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