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Sega United Terms of Use

Postby Serra Royale » Sun Apr 17, 2016 10:04 am

1.No Console Game speculation permitted. There are plenty of Sega games sites that do that. Go to those if you want to. Here you can speculate on Sega Razor, and are limited to asking basic questions to Operation Razor like controller designs, features, outer shell prototype designs. A will issue vague answers and hints regarding anything else and will only answer what they are legally allowed to answer. 

2. No Port Begging. Go do that on NeoGaf.

3. No Whining about localization regarding. Siliconera is the place your free to do that.

4. The Operation Razor Staff Members will personally frequent this forum and the Wish List Forum. Remember to be respectful and towards others. Speculate in a mature and sensible manner. Be sure not to take rumors and information you hear with face value unless its "verifiable" directly from Aletheia Games.

5. No untrustworthy sources like "Zach Morris" or NeoGaf.

6. No Flamewars or Topic Derailing.

7. No Spam.(Of course).

8. No Anti SEGA hyperbole(talking against them going hardware and then turning around and port begging old IPs or saying Nintendo should buy SEGA).

9. No Pro Sony. I dislike them a whole lot. I don't have a problem with PlayStation fans, but I DON'T like and will not tolerate spinning and fanboy shilling. However if you are if you are being sensible and not attacking others for not liking Sony and are civil about your views you will fine. When we say "No Pro Sony" when mean saying Sony is superior to everyone else. We all have our favorites and lets leave it at that.

10. NO TROLLING. PERIOD.(Name calling,antagonizing,personal attacks,subtle personal attacks,gif bombing,PM Harassment)

Violating Rules 1-3 will result in a personal warning(Second offense will result in me deleting and modifying posts), Violating 4-6 will result in a automatic temp vacation, Violating 7-10 is INSTANT Capital Punishment. Resulting in an instant without-warning-perma ban.
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