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Retro Rules For Old School Gaming

Posted: Sun Apr 17, 2016 11:45 am
by Serra Royale
1. This Forum is for Non Sega/Nintendo Retro discussion only. RETRO, Not Current.

2. Be Civil, Be kind, Be nice.(Don't glorify Sony)

3. No Spamming of Course.

4. NO SHILLING of Sony or Fanboyism or Bias Toward them. Praise the PS1,PS2,PS3 games, NOT Sony

5. No Trolling or Personal Attacks.

6. No Topic Derailing.

7. NO ANTI SEGA Hyperbole.(Again, Death Penalty.)

8. Please Stay On Topic.


10. Sega & Nintendo console discussions will have their own separate Forum sections. Please keep them in those.

11. Sega Corporation,Inc titles on PS2,PS3,Xbox,360 are permitted.

Violating 4,7,9 is Capital Punishment.

Note to Readers: The Rules and Penalty System are created by the site owner. The administrator posting this is posting on behalf of the owner of the website and its forums.