Rules for Dreamcast Discussion

Everybody loves,adores and Cherishes the Mighty little White Box that could. So for Dreamcasters, in addition to Dreamcast-Talk and Dreamcast Junkyard, here's an extra forum for you to do what you do in those communities and share your undying love for SEGA's glorious Kamikaze Cry of the 6th Generation.
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Rules for Dreamcast Discussion

Postby Serra Royale » Sun Apr 17, 2016 11:50 am

1. This Forum is for Sega Dreamcast discussion only. 

2. Be Civil, Be kind, Be nice.

3. No Spamming of Course.

4. NO remake or port begging for release on non Sega consoles.

5. No Trolling or Personal Attacks.

6. No Topic Derailing.

7. NO ANTI SEGA Hyperbole.(Again, Death Penalty. Do NOT Call Dreamcast a failure, Do NOT Devalue it or call it inferior to PS2, Do Not blame Peter Moore for pulling the plug when it was Isao Okawa that did. Anybody caught saying any of those things will be personally terminated from this community)

8. Please Stay On Topic.

9. Try to avoid Soapboxing. Here at Sega United, we will stop ANY form of bias and out of balance fanboyism.

10. Non Sega 128 bit console discussions will have their own separate Forum sections. Please keep them in those.

Note to Readers: The Rules and Penalty System are created by the site owner. The administrator posting this is posting on behalf of the owner of the website and its forums.
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